In defence of Diriliş Ertuğrul ; my opinion on the reality of the effects of entertainment media on Muslim minds.

Only an *ignorant* would learn only Turkish culture from this series and thus put emphasis on the half fact that the series is about Turkish history.
The *wise* would in fact seize the opportunity this series gives and learn the beauty of Islam and thus give importance to the whole fact that irrespective of what race/ethnicity or country the people belong to, if they follow Islamic ethics much better than us, then we as a people who are ignorant to those ethics, are required to learn from them! Or in the least take them as reminders.

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Traits- a few words..

Every human has every human trait present inside them.(traits include the seemingly good ones; kindness, caring, mercy, love, sympathy, etc as well as the seemingly bad ones ; arrogance, cruelty, insensitivity,etc) The matter is of how much of a trait is present inside a particular individual. In other words the LEVEL of the trait. Let’s […]

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Intimacy, a gift.

Intimacy.How often do we take the simplest things as granted?Do we even realise how lucky we are to be healthy, disease free.. Non vulnerable to each other’s air? To each other’s germs? Sigh.Intimacy is a gift.Feelings, touch, emotions, connections. All of it.A blessing. And yes, I’d go as far as to say it’s a miracle […]

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Adam’s Ale!

“Adam’s Ale, Zent!”Said one to another.“I feel the liveliness of that aura, filled inside the chests of these two.” The other replied, “Sacred as it seems to be, the passing humans won’t sense it. Would never know what sort of rhythm flowed by them residing within.Humans tend to be ever so indifferent, if only they […]

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The Wooden Cabin.

I dreamt of you last night again. We met at a park of a community which had houses, shops & restaurents built within the park. My brother was with me, and he met you aswell and my sister and Rose and some other girls were there too but they were sitting at some restaurant, not […]

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The Fundamentals of Caring – 10th November, 5:30 pm. Definitely loved it!.. It revolved mostly around a road trip that a kid with Duchenne muscular dystrophy and his caretaker take. And end up with some adventurous memories as well as new friends. It also helps both of them evolve out of their own mind traps… […]

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The other side of loving.

It is strange. An odd feeling. To be, for a change, loved the way you always loved another. I’ve never really experienced how it feels like to be on the other side. Until now. I’ve always been the one, the one who gets hurt easily, taking words so close to my heart, and feeling aches […]

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Carl Jung’s Shadow.

I’ve known about the Shadows mentioned by Carl Jung long before I knew who Carl Jung was or even what “psychology” meant. Back when I was just a mid teen, fresh out of the age of adolescence. I knew it. The shadows are mentioned by Islam as one’s evil desires. And to know them and […]

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Chaos set right.

Due to fear of rejection, you become unable to express it after you’ve faced rejection every single time you tried to bond with someone.. The fear makes you change. Your way of conversing changes; you start playing with words & their literal and metaphorical meanings and people start to avoid you even before you begin […]

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Touché .

” . . each more irresistible than the last . .  . but I know better than to wish for those fables . . “

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Chapter 1 : What’s Here?

My fingers caress the leather material. I open the journal encased in it. Briefly , I pull the binding to my face and take it’s essence in. . Sigh..   1,October.   I can’t believe I did it.   I’m here.   I’m finally here.   What’s here?…   There’s a single bed. It’s covered […]

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The connection of the Great Steppe & Tengerism. + the Turkic reference of “the steppe” from Dirilis Ertugrul.

The connection between the lands of steppe and tengerism comes from lack of any forests or the abundance of the view of sky in my opinion… as for the Steppe, it is in the simplest definitions, a vast land of greenery kinda like a savannah with mountains, with wolves as their major predators..

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Movies/ March – April 2020

The Last Right (22nd April) A moving, on-the-road movie. Get it?….. Also The scenic beauty of Ireland is breath-taking…. And yes, the presence of Autism is another fact that it attracts me. I find myself to be a weird sort of autistic introvert, haha. (tho the people who are ACTUALLY diagnosed as autistic are more […]

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It’s easy to lose track of the people who count on you. And you only realise their pain when you yourself become dependent on another human. What is this dependency? Is it even ethical? Is not it true that we should only depend upon God? But are we not humans? Don’t humans need other human(s) […]

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Feral Fidelity.

About dawn time, yes it is. The world is so mean and hurtful sometimes but it’s just as easy to be a monster yourself I’ve realised. Here he is, lying asleep. I feel a gnawing ache. Somewhere inside. Not sure where. I want to reach out and envelope him. Caress his forehead, kiss his eyes, […]

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