Oh Chappie!

It was such a beautiful movie!

How the robot’s conscience learns everything from the scratch, it’s naiveness ❤️, it’s love and determination. It was unlike the human in the fact that it was devoid of greed.

Loved it.


Movie stuff :

It was released back in 2015.. My siblings watched it long before I did. Heck, I didn’t knew it would be this great! Otherwise I’d have watched it alot earlier.

It’s got Dev Patel (Slumdog Millionare protagonist) and Huge Jackman starring too.

The story line was well set. As I said earlier, and I repeat, loved it!

Ratings :

It’s a fiction, sci-fi, adventure/action, crime movie. Children can definitely watch it. (except for the fact that  Chappie learns to say swear words! Hah!)

I’d give it a good 89/100.


I wish it’d have a sequel about Chappie and his newly robotified family. ✨

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