The Greatest Showman

*The Greatest Showman*

Following no rules or order of writing,

I have to say I just LOVED this movie!

Did I ever tell you guys how much I love (meaningful) musicals?

Well today’s the day then! watched this movie yesterday, i.e 20th July 2019 and though I knew about it for quite a while, I had been delaying watching it for I’ve no idea what reason!

It had such beautiful scenes, and songs, specially the initial part of it. The part where the main character Phineas (Huge Jackman) is portrayed as a kid at first (Ellis Rubin) , taking his adorable friend Charity to an old house and showing her the positive side of a bad situation..

(I loved it so much that I created an edition of it myself!…. Tap below!)

An Ode to genuine sensations – a Million Dreams

And the part where… This


This! Just made me teary. My heart!

I won’t spoil it for y’all but if you are a romantic then you need to watch this movie which further also involves the Characters of a Mr.carlyl (Zack Efron) and a trapeziest (Zendaya) plus the many unique characters of the Barnum Circus. The bearded woman, the sassy short man, etc… All of them were ahhmazing in their roles!

Rating? 9.4/10

A musical, adventure, romance, drama, fantasy, theatrical movie.

Yes! Kids can watch it! And should watch it!

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