The other side of loving.

It is strange.

An odd feeling. To be, for a change, loved the way you always loved another.

I’ve never really experienced how it feels like to be on the other side. Until now.

I’ve always been the one, the one who gets hurt easily, taking words so close to my heart, and feeling aches by a mere sentence put forth in the lightest manner possible or even by mistake of the one initiating it..

Now that I experience having someone who feels my words so severely and actions even more, I understand both the sides well.

What do I learn? I learn that what you put forth must be carefully thought upon (specifically when you’re trekking foreign waters with an intimate friend) , for example the saying “think twice before you speak”, is very very much making sense right now.

And not just twice before you speak, but probably thrice before you DO something. Think of it’s consequences. How it would affect the person next to you. What would be there thought process upon it? How would they approach your action? What perceptions could they possibly hold?

But of course, you can’t always think about this or you’d be considered mad. Over thinking.

No. I just mean to be careful in regard to specific matters. Know where you are likely to hurt a person. And just simply don’t do it. It’s not worth it.

On the other hand, I also learn that taking everything to the heart is not a productive approach to life. And even if you do take it, always be ready to listen open mindedly to the particular person when they offer you a sensible reasoning. Don’t be so dubious. Consider things with a cool mind. And with ethical grounds of course.

(for my Kale Salad, ILY)

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