The Fundamentals of Caring 10th November, 5:30 pm.

Definitely loved it!.. It revolved mostly around a road trip that a kid with Duchenne muscular dystrophy and his caretaker take. And end up with some adventurous memories as well as new friends. It also helps both of them evolve out of their own mind traps… A good movie for anyone who loves travel and meaningful stories. (plus the antman & Ms Gomez do spruce it up) Rating – 9/10.

Snowpiercer11th November, 8 pm.

A Chris Evans movie is almost always a movie that I end up loving…. Plus it was a sci-fi/ survival sort. And you know how I enjoy survival & adventure. The fact that it was a bit gross in some areas plus the existence of some loopholes in the plot, pushed me down to a Rating of – 7.7/10.

The Time Traveller’s Wife 13th November, 5:40 pm.

Left me feeling a bittersweet. And with a heavy value for life and each second of it…. You’ll need to keep focus to keep track of events. And some events might clear up only later in the movie, so you’ll need to be patient too. Kind of how you gotta be with life, aye? Focused yet not always demanding immediate answers? Some things make better sense later on life. (Rachel McAdam’s captures my heart yet again along with her swooning husband and the little girls) Rating – 7.9/10

Crazy Rich Asians 20th November, 6:20 pm.

Okay. Okayyyyyyy! This movie was just amazing. I’ve no idea why I’d been postponing it for so long! Some of the characteristic Asian traditional perspectives are very well highlighted here.

Screenshot_20191120-183205And the scenes are set Mostly in Singapore which is a beautiful city. Plus it was a rom-com sort with a lot of lessons adding value to it. And seeing an all Asian cast do justice to the story is always a treat for me. Rating – 9.5/10

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