Thoughts on the theory- ‘Ignorance is Bliss’

The world we live in , requires a knowledge of both sides .
In ignorance , you render yourself vulnerable to the many harsh realities, those which when they hit you, they hit you hard. For example; you living in your own head, ignoring all signs of the fact that your family is heavily spending money in extravagant ways. You are blinded by thier ‘temporary’ happiness, imagining everything is fine until whoosh! You get notified that you’re broke.???. Too late eh? Yep.

On the other hand, ignorance also allows you to be happy .. As in when you don’t know a certain pain, you shall not feel it either just like a child is the happiest creature even in the worst of situations just because he doesn’t know the pains of the world yet or the fact that his parents are poor. He has never been out of his community and never seen the rich kids playing with remote control cars or on thier ipads. He’s the happiest creature with a simple tyre and a stick! At times happier then even those rich kids! So here, one could say that not knowing certain things which are out of our reach is beneficial to us, since we will never know them, thus never want them and eventually never go through the pain of not achieving them.

But then again… ignorance never lets you learn . When you don’t go through a certain harsh truth of life, you never learn to manage it. And with no experience of management you are left naive and dumbfounded about the most trivial of situations in an ever-growing, fast world.
Thus it becomes a hindrance in the path of wisdom and of betterment of yourself, and others.

In other words
almost everything has a good and bad affect in it’s opposite extremities .
Ignorance is both good and bad, in different situations of life.

The key is to know exactly when to be ignorant and when to be otherwise.

– Gitana, 2nd Dec’19

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