The Wooden Cabin.

I dreamt of you last night again.

We met at a park of a community which had houses, shops & restaurents built within the park.
My brother was with me, and he met you aswell
and my sister and Rose and some other girls were there too but they were sitting at some restaurant, not with us.
It was just me, you and John walking around the park and talking.
John was pretty chill about meeting you and he was enjoying too.
When John went away for a while, you told me that you had a small portion cabin of a house over there under your name from your mum, so I asked you to show me.

You took me to a hilly part of the park and there were a few buildings there.
On the side of one large building you showed me a brown large garage door.
You somehow unlocked it and we walked inside into a small lounge with wooden flooring. On the left was a small open kitchen attached to it.
The kitchen was furnished mostly brown and had two golden lights giving the overall kitchen a wooden hue.

To the right of the kitchen side and before the lounge there was a slope going downwards to a compact small corridor which had two other doors.
And if you stood on the slope you could see the sunlight coming through a diagonally structured glass window right above the compact corridor, which covered more than half area of the roof above it.

The lounge was cozy and lightly furnished with only a carpet covering the wood and some cushions.

The two doors in the compact corridor, led to two medium sized rooms with high roofs. The roofs had similar glass windows letting sunlight in so the room was bright even in evening time.
Now these rooms were filled with packed stuff and boxes and cupboards. You said that these were kept here for storage since this place wasn’t in use.
And that these were all your family’s belongings.
You showed me a few of the things including some dresses belonging to your sisters, some toys type stuff and lots of small boxes of jewellery items.

I was enjoying it all immensely but sadly enough, we didn’t have much time so we had to leave this cute little wooden cabin.
So we came out and you locked the rooms and for a while we stood there in the lounge atop the slope. Sighing heavily. You gave me a hug. And we stepped out that garage door. You locked it as well.
We walked a bit more until John joined us and then went to the restaurant where the rest of us were engaged in warm conversations and tea.

-16th January, 2020

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