Adam’s Ale!

“Adam’s Ale, Zent!”
Said one to another.
“I feel the liveliness of that aura, filled inside the chests of these two.”

The other replied, “Sacred as it seems to be, the passing humans won’t sense it. Would never know what sort of rhythm flowed by them residing within.
Humans tend to be ever so indifferent, if only they observe!
Say, Elm, do that thing you always do with these humans and their funny emotions?”
“Oh well, only this once more.
Here’s what I think.
This young man was clearly fascinated by our  friends in there.
The way he had lit up when the creatures had followed his touch!
And the Maiden! Ah, she’s still replaying it in her little curious head!
Seems as if she had pressed record the moment they entered the realm where everyone else surrounding them breathed underwater.
She was filled with wonder, of that I am sure. But because of our friends with their bloppy mouths or their interactions with the man, I can’t quite say.
As it happened to be, there was none to witness them except her and the aquatic creatures.”

“Yet oddly enough, here we are, trying to read them as if they weren’t humans but two little pines”

“Speaking of pines, Zentaur, enough of this deduction game, better get back to the tilling.”

Did you know they whisper? The trees?

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