Chinese Fried Rice

– Boil rice (3 cups) , set aside.

– Chop 1/2 cup
carrots, onion, capsicum,
2 cloves garlic..
Take out 1/2 cup
peas, corn or any other veggies you want to add.

– Heat oil in big pot,
Make an omelette of two eggs (add salt & pepper only)
Take the omelette out.

– In the same pot
Add garlic,
Fry until soft
Add onion
Fry until light golden

– Add vegetables
(in the following order..
stir fry in between

.. When done, on low heat, add
1 tsp black pepper,
1 tbsp salt or 0.5 tbsp Chinese salt
0.5 tsp white pepper,
1 tsp oregano,
1.5 tsp sugar.
1. 5 tbsp vinegar & soy sauce
(or acc to taste)
Chicken cube (if you prefer)
Omelette (already fried)

Mix, stir fry and add the rice.
Add spring onion.
Turn off heat & cover the lid.

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