Feral Fidelity.

About dawn time, yes it is.

The world is so mean and hurtful sometimes but it’s just as easy to be a monster yourself I’ve realised.

Here he is, lying asleep.

I feel a gnawing ache. Somewhere inside. Not sure where.

I want to reach out and envelope him.

Caress his forehead, kiss his eyes, smoothen the wrinkles on his shirt.

But I dare not. For the fear that I’d wake him and he’d be upset again. Atleast this way he’s peaceful.

I didn’t want to hurt.

I didn’t. I honestly didn’t.


I don’t know if he believes me.

Or even wants me anymore.

But I’ll be here.

Watching him sleep.



– hope springs eternal, my gypsy man.

Tap here for an October memory. 🙂

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