Traits- a few words..

Every human has every human trait present inside them.(traits include the seemingly good ones; kindness, caring, mercy, love, sympathy, etc as well as the seemingly bad ones ; arrogance, cruelty, insensitivity,etc) The matter is of how much of a trait is present inside a particular individual. In other words the LEVEL of the trait. Let’s […]

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Movies/ March – April 2020

The Last Right (22nd April) A moving, on-the-road movie. Get it?….. Also The scenic beauty of Ireland is breath-taking…. And yes, the presence of Autism is another fact that it attracts me. I find myself to be a weird sort of autistic introvert, haha. (tho the people who are ACTUALLY diagnosed as autistic are more […]

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It’s easy to lose track of the people who count on you. And you only realise their pain when you yourself become dependent on another human. What is this dependency? Is it even ethical? Is not it true that we should only depend upon God? But are we not humans? Don’t humans need other human(s) […]

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