It’s easy to lose track of the people who count on you.

And you only realise their pain when you yourself become dependent on another human.

What is this dependency? Is it even ethical?

Is not it true that we should only depend upon God?

But are we not humans? Don’t humans need other human(s) to be able to sync perhaps..

Wasn’t Adam lonely and then granted Eve? By God Himself?

Then why is this dependency so under-rated in some theologies…

Why is it looked down upon to NEED another human? As if it was almost illegal or unethical or God forbid an insult to one’s own connection to God or one’s own self?

They say if you can’t be happy alone, you can never be happy with others.

But they don’t say that, this lonesome-ness is defined as being the only person breathing in a specific place.

And it’s not at all the kind of lonesome-ness one is subjected to while being among (for namesake) friends, relatives and even family at times.

The true loneliness.. Being unable to communicate yourself, your ideas, thoughts, feelings or others being unable to understand your mind.

Or perhaps it’s the fear. True loneliness is the fear that you won’t be understood or that you will be abandoned by the ones you felt close to if you let your heart spill truthfully.

Dependency both helps cure this and also creates vulnerability.

Ah, vulnerability…. Reminds me of, love.

Which pushes me to further say that there is no love without vulnerability and if what you seek is being invulnerable, then you shall never taste love.

Conclusively, I guess, dependency is under-rated. But only in the case of love.

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