Movies/ March – April 2020

The Last Right (22nd April)

A moving, on-the-road movie. Get it?….. Also The scenic beauty of Ireland is breath-taking…. And yes, the presence of Autism is another fact that it attracts me. I find myself to be a weird sort of autistic introvert, haha. (tho the people who are ACTUALLY diagnosed as autistic are more genius then I could ever be!)

The 5th Wave.

Another survival movie that got me hooked all the way. Is it possible just me or are survival movies just THE best? 🤔 Plus Chloe did a great job, not to mention that brooding Evan Walker.

Pad man

A movie based on a true story and a great one. Highlighting the OTHER side to the taboo-ed 7 red days of a woman every month. Akshay was a worthy selection for this, no doubt! The story is heart touching.


It was something of a heart wrenching thrill.. To watch someone investigate if their lover IS in fact guilty of a gruesome act or not.

A case of blind love nonetheless. Where obsession becomes a blurr in the way of facts and a strong hearted fighter is needed to overcome these obstacles.

The Island (28th March)

Old but fun.

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