Humans are different, really different!

Humans are of different types.

But we know that? Don’t we?
What I’m rather focusing on is the subject of TRAITS.

Humans differ;
Not just in one or few traits but you’ll find them differing each other in almost all the traits.

This is something that has been on my mind for a few years now.
Analysing theories is interesting. For me.

Traits. We have different levels of each trait within us.

What defines us is not the absence of a trait but rather it’s level of presence.


I believe everyone has atleast 1% of each trait in them.
And these traits get developed/redefined/altered as we add years to our lives.


What affects these traits is a list of indefinite factors; to quote a few.. environment, friends, family, genes, health, faith..

But of course the greatest control of traits lies within our own minds. In other words, we can alter the level of each trait by ourselves, i.e. if we desire so.
For the sake of further explanation, you may read:

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