Feral Fidelity.

About dawn time, yes it is. The world is so mean and hurtful sometimes but it’s just as easy to be a monster yourself I’ve realised. Here he is, lying asleep. I feel a gnawing ache. Somewhere inside. Not sure where. I want to reach out and envelope him. Caress his forehead, kiss his eyes, […]

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Adam’s Ale!

“Adam’s Ale, Zent!”Said one to another.“I feel the liveliness of that aura, filled inside the chests of these two.” The other replied, “Sacred as it seems to be, the passing humans won’t sense it. Would never know what sort of rhythm flowed by them residing within.Humans tend to be ever so indifferent, if only they […]

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The Wooden Cabin.

I dreamt of you last night again. We met at a park of a community which had houses, shops & restaurents built within the park. My brother was with me, and he met you aswell and my sister and Rose and some other girls were there too but they were sitting at some restaurant, not […]

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