Chinese Fried Rice

– Boil rice (3 cups) , set aside. – Chop 1/2 cupcarrots, onion, capsicum,2 cloves garlic..Take out 1/2 cuppeas, corn or any other veggies you want to add. – Heat oil in big pot,Make an omelette of two eggs (add salt & pepper only)Take the omelette out. – In the same potAdd garlic,Fry until softAdd […]

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New word? Confused?.. Let me give your memory a jog. “I want to do this but… I don’t?.. Will I be able to go all the way through?.. What if I can’t?! What if they think I don’t know about my own work!… I.. I can’t do this!” A state, quite similar to the feelings […]

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Intimacy, a gift.

Intimacy.How often do we take the simplest things as granted?Do we even realise how lucky we are to be healthy, disease free.. Non vulnerable to each other’s air? To each other’s germs? Sigh.Intimacy is a gift.Feelings, touch, emotions, connections. All of it.A blessing. And yes, I’d go as far as to say it’s a miracle […]

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Adam’s Ale!

“Adam’s Ale, Zent!”Said one to another.“I feel the liveliness of that aura, filled inside the chests of these two.” The other replied, “Sacred as it seems to be, the passing humans won’t sense it. Would never know what sort of rhythm flowed by them residing within.Humans tend to be ever so indifferent, if only they […]

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